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DIY (Do It Yourself) decorating is the practise of altering or decorating a space without the assistance of a professional. Projects like painting walls, creating furniture, putting in new flooring, or upgrading the decor can fall under this category. DIY decorating can be a fun and rewarding experience as well as a cost-effective approach to improve a room. It’s crucial to have a well-defined plan, do the necessary research, and get ready before starting a DIY project. Furthermore crucial are having the appropriate equipment and supplies for the job and adhering to safety regulations.

Outdoor & Garden

Our personal haven is the garden, where we entertain guests, throw BBQs, and swim around in the paddling pool while enjoying a cool beverage in the sunshine. Whether you have a huge garden, cosy balcony, or little front yard, our gardening tips and ideas will help you get the most out of your little slice of heaven. We’re here to assist you in designing an outdoor living area that you’ll enjoy using. Our articles are packed with expert garden information to give you the confidence to take on your own gardening initiatives, from flower planting advice to garden design suggestions. If you want a new hot pool to relax in or a new barbecue to cook sizzling sausages,

Our outdoor buying tips can assist you in reducing your options and selecting the ideal products for your requirements. We’ll assist you in creating a stunning outdoor place that you’ll never want to leave, with ideas for front, rear, and even fairy gardens.

Consider changing the flooring or tiling in your house. Whether you require suggestions for tiling, assistance with carpet installation, guidance on cleaning grout, or ideas for bedroom flooring. All of your flooring and tiling needs can be met by us. You’ll get all the inspiration you need to design a fashionable look in your home, from kitchen flooring ideas to hallway flooring ideas. Read more about the various types of flooring materials, including laminate, real wood, and sheet vinyl. The best tools for cutting tiles and cleaning grout will also be covered in detail along with everything else you need to know about various tiling tools.

Using what you already have and adding colour to your room is easy with the help of our floor painting ideas and tile painting ideas. We’ll assist you in getting a beautiful flooring finish in your living room, whether you choose a white floor or a dark wood floor. It’s time to start your upcoming DIY endeavour.


Consider remodelling your bathroom yourself. Or perhaps you want to stay current with bathroom design trends? We have everything you need, whether you’re seeking for simple advice or a whole guide on remodelling a bathroom. Our bathroom design ideas and how-to articles span everything from cutting-edge bathroom design concepts to simple installation instructions. Not sure how to install a shower? We have your back. Do you want to know how to make your bathroom appear larger? 

Easy. You require assistance in replacing a broken tile. Look nowhere else. Go through our articles on bathroom ideas and advice to take the plunge and design your own bathroom right now.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking for painting and decorating ideas. The newest paint trends and trendiest paint colours, as well as practical decorating tool buying guides and step-by-step how-to videos, are just a few of the quick reads our professionals have prepared to assist you in finishing your decorating job. Do you want to know the current favoured colour schemes? Do you need to know which paint is finest for kitchen cabinets? 

No matter how big or little the job, we have all the information you want. To stay current with all the newest painting ideas and decorating trends, start exploring our everything-you-need-to-know guidelines right away. Get set, go painting!


Use our professional kitchen design guidance and kitchen makeover ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams. We’re here to assist you with every step of your kitchen renovation, from kitchen décor suggestions to layout guidance and small kitchen ideas. Learn how to install a kitchen sink, a tap, and kitchen appliances, as well as how to remove your old kitchen and attach a new one. Choose the appropriate paint colours for your kitchen and choose the ideal finishing touches to create a chic cooking area. Our showroom advisers are available to help you develop a 3D kitchen design to fit your room form, whether you’re designing an open plan kitchen or a galley kitchen. We have plenty of advice and guidance on designing a kitchen to suit your room shape.

Can’t decide between solid wood or laminate kitchen worktops? We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of each worktop material with you. Also, we’ll demonstrate how to maintain and treat your worktops. Appliances, kitchen storage, and more are all covered. Our articles contain a tonne of kitchen inspiration, such as ideas for splashbacks, flooring, kitchen islands, and colourful kitchens. Discover everything you need to get your kitchen renovation started.

We’re here to assist you in turning your house into a home. Our home design ideas and décor guidance will help you build a house you enjoy, whether you’re seeking for tips on designing a contemporary living room or looking for some coffee table décor ideas. Get everything you need for home decor, including trendy laundry baskets, huge wall clocks, and canvas wall art. We provide many of tips on picking furniture and storage, repurposing old furniture, and constructing flatpack furniture in addition to home accessories. Searching for cleaning tricks and tips for the house? We’ll demonstrate how to maintain order in your home and the most effective cleaning methods.

So, you’ll find all you need and more at B&Q, whether you need help measuring your windows for curtains or you’re just looking for the newest living room furniture ideas.


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